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Professional Teeth Whitening Services 

Achieving the smile of your dreams may be easier than you realize. With professional teeth whitening, you can reduce the appearance of stains and discoloration, brighten your smile, and improve your confidence—all at an affordable cost. 

At Gonzales Dental, we proudly offer convenient, cost-effective cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients looking to whiten their smiles. Our professional teeth whitening services in Gonzales involve minimal treatment but deliver maximum results, safely and effectively addressing discoloration caused by stains, age, and even chemical damage. We utilize advanced, cutting-edge teeth whitening technology that is both powerful and gentle, and we are happy to help you find a payment plan that suits your budget. 

Ready to get the beautiful smile you’ve been wanting? Contact Gonzales Dental today to ask about our professional teeth whitening services! 

How Does Teeth Whitening Work? 

Over time, our teeth enamel absorbs colored residue from the food and beverages we consume. This leads to “staining” of the enamel, as well as discoloration, which may result in teeth having a yellow or brown appearance. And, contrary to popular opinion, coffee, tea, and cigarette smoke are not the only culprits when it comes to teeth stains; any dark-colored food or beverage may cause discoloration. This includes dark colas, like Coke, and even healthy foods, such as berries, tomato sauce, and dark fruit juices. 

Teeth whitening works by utilizing the powerful effects of various peroxides, including hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When applied to the teeth, the volatile oxygen molecules contained within these peroxides break down the chemical bonds that adhere stains to the tooth’s enamel, effectively removing them and restoring the tooth’s natural appearance. 

The Professional Teeth Whitening Process

At Gonzales Dental, we offer safe, convenient, and affordable teeth whitening for our patients in Gonzales and the surrounding areas. 

Here’s how the process works: 

  • First, we’ll take an impression of your teeth. This impression is then used to create a customized “stent,” or mouthguard, that you’ll use to keep the whitening agent against your teeth for the specified period of time.
  • After about a day or two, we’ll contact you to let you know that your stents are available for pickup at our office. We will provide you with both the stents and the specialized whitening agent that you will place into the stents. 
  • You will be instructed on how to use the stents and bleaching agent at home whenever it is convenient for you. Most often, you only need to wear the stents with the bleaching agent inside for about three to four hours for one or two weeks. 

Our professional teeth whitening services are safe and effective for patients of all ages and can be used to treat everything from minor stains to significant discoloration, spots, and “dullness.” In severe cases of tooth discoloration, we may recommend crowns or veneers. However, teeth whitening is generally considered a near-permanent solution and because it is so affordable, it is almost always recommended as a first option for correcting stains and discoloration. 

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening

Many people wonder whether at-home or DIY teeth whitening kits, which can often be found in local drugstores and big box stores like Target and Walmart, are as effective as professional teeth whitening services. The fact is that all teeth whitening kits utilize peroxide as the main active ingredient—but this does not mean that at-home teeth whitening kits are as effective as professional teeth whitening services. In fact, it is extremely important to note that these kits may contain additional ingredients that could actually harm the teeth and/or gums. 

Additionally, most DIY teeth whitening kits contain relatively small amounts of peroxide as a safeguard against over-bleaching. While this is a good thing, it also means that you may not experience the results you are looking for with these types of at-home kits. In contrast, other DIY teeth whitening kits, particularly those sold online, contain excessive amounts of peroxide. This puts your teeth and gums at risk of serious damage, including weakened enamel. 

It is always best to trust the health and appearance of your smile to the professionals. At Gonzales Dental, we ensure that our teeth whitening agents are safe, effective, and gentle on the enamel, teeth, and gums. Additionally, we customize the process to your smile. We can help you achieve your desired level of brightening and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of with our professional teeth whitening in Gonzales and nearby.

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